Rent the Hall by contacting Richland Township Library Staff

$100.00 Hall Rental

$50.00 Cleaning Deposit

(Cleaning deposit is refundable at the first Township Board meeting after the hall rental)

Hall must be left clean, damage free, tables left according to the map, key returned, etc.


1. There shall be no alcoholic beverages, no rowdiness, or obnoxious behavior, no profanity or disturbing the peace in the building or on premises.

2. All youth groups must be under approved adult supervision.

3. Do not use supplies found in the hall, they belong to the senior citizens.

4. Before leaving the hall, sweep the floor, place all garbage in dumpster out back, wash all dishes and clean tables and counter tops. Users must leave hall clean or deposit will not be refunded.

5. If possible, reserve date one month in advance, rental and deposit must be paid in advance.

6. Before leaving hall make sure all windows are shut, lights are off, the thermostat is set at the posted temperature, and all doors are locked.

7. NO PARKING IN FRONT OF FIRE STATION DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Handicapped parking is in front of Township Hall Building, regular parking is in the rear.

8. Any infraction of the above rules will be sufficient reason for the Township to deny any organization, person or persons, further use of the Richland Township Hall and grounds for denying refund of the deposit.

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